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The Gummy Bear Song – Long English Version

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SHOP at Subscribe to my real channel at From the CD "I Am Your Gummy Bear". Also from the DVD "I Am A Gummy Bear". Available on Amazon at: Shirts and merch - Available on iTunes at: Available on Amazon at: GUMMIBÄR T-SHIRTS AND MERCH: Sign up for the Gummibär mailing list to win great prizes! - PLAY GUMMIBÄR (THE GUMMY BEAR) GAME: VISIT ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ON TWITTER: VISIT ON MYSPACE: FOLLOW ON PINTEREST: SEND A GUMMIBÄR ECARD: GUMMIBÄR JAPAN: OSITO GOMINOLA: The original 30 second video for Itt Van A Gumimaci, the Hungarian version of I Am A Gummy Bear, debuted on the internet in August of 2006. It quickly went viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of views as the popularity of this catchy song and funny character increased and spread by word of mouth. A 30 second English version was then created which helped to increase the clip's popularity and views rocketed up into the millions. By the summer of 2007, the final full length 2:30 version was released and it has been gaining views and viewers ever since. * I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) has been recorded in over 25 languages and has been released in more than 40 countries world-wide. * Every day, the online videos for The Gummy Bear Song are watched more than 1 million times. Chart Positions include: USA # 1 Dance Singles Chart -- iTunes # 1 Dance Ringtone Chart -- iTunes Canada Hot 100 Pop Singles Sales Chart # 1 Dance Singles Chart -- iTunes Greece # 1 Pop Singles Chart iTunes Hungary # 1 Pop Singles Chart iTunes # 1 Pop Ringtones Chart iTunes Sweden # 2 Pop Singles Sales Chart Australia # 2 Pop Singles Sales Chart Norway # 5 Pop Singles Sales Chart France # 8 Pop Singles Sales Chart (52 weeks in the Top 40) Japan Top 10 Pop Digital Downloads Poland # 1 Pop Ringtones Chart Germany # 1 Ringtone Download AOL & Vodaphone Charts Russia # 1 Pop Downloads Chart Mexico # 1 Pop Downloads Chart Sales Certification Awards Include: Sweden Single Certified Gold Hungary Single Certified Gold Russia Single Certified Gold Australia Single Certified Gold Spain Single Certified Gold

Kate Moss LifeStyle

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song: Lake Girl - TORINO

Digestive Enzymes, Nutrition and Your Health

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Circle Us On Google Plus @ Nutrition by Natalie Information about Digestive Enzymes Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that specifically work in the digestive system to facilitate the digestion, absorption, and transportation of nutrients. They also work to promote timely elimination of digestive waste products that are not of use to the body. Without enzymes, our cells would not get adequate nutrition and we would not survive. Enzymes function as catalysts to enhance and dramatically speed up biochemical reactions that occur in every one of our cells. They are only activated in water, so staying hydrated is very important for enzymes to work effectively. Enzymes must be present to ensure proper digestion of nutrients, energy production, metabolism, transportation of fluid to cells, and elimination of toxins among many other functions. Enzymes exist in foods to help our body's breakdown what we eat. Raw, uncooked foods are the only foods that contain enzymes. Since the majority of our diets are cooked foods, we significantly limit the enzymes available in our food for digestion, thus putting more stress on our digestive systems. Some supplemental enzymes should be taken with food to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients, whereas other supplemental enzymes should be taken on an empty stomach to support circulation, decrease inflammation, support our immune systems and combat stress. Imbalances in these factors have been scientifically proven to be associated with or the cause of numerous diseases. Please visit Natalie's website at This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2007 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. This video maybe displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Sienna Miller LifeStyle

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song: Lake Girl - TORINO

Nicole RIchie LifeStyle

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song: Lake Girl - TORINO

Victoria Beckham LifeStyle

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song: Lake Girl - TORINO

Mary Kate Olsen – LifeStyle

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song: Lake Girl - TORINO

The Psychology of Customer Anger

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Learn how to more effectively deal with difficult customers by understanding the psychology of customer anger. This video is part of a 25-module online video course for customer service professionals. If you'd like to learn more, please go to http://www.MyraGolden.Com

british expats lifestyle in Southern Spain

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Samanta and Justin

Miami Lifestyle

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Miami rental of exotic cars, luxury limo services, yachts, mansions, condos for a carefree lifestyle while in Florida, Miami, and South Beach. Rent your luxury today

Miami Lifestyle

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Miami rental of exotic cars, luxury limo services, yachts, mansions, condos for a carefree lifestyle while in Florida, Miami, and South Beach. Rent your luxury today

Nutrition and Your Mental Health

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Be My Friend - Nutrition by Natalie Nutrition and Your Mental Health What does nutrition have to do with mental health? You might be surprised to find out the truth behind what happens when a person has a nutritional deficiency. Nutritional deficiencies can cause all sorts of psychiatric symptoms including apathy, low energy, irritability, insomnia, low energy, agitation, fatigue, concentration problems, aches and pains, weight changes, including weight loss or weight gain. Sound a lot like the symptoms of depression? The truth is the average American diet of fast food is low in vital nutrition that you need for your body to function correctly. This isn't to say that all depression is caused by bad nutrition but it's certainly a contributing factor in many cases and poor nutrition will always make depression worse. Antidepressant drugs also do not correct nutritional problems. So if your depressed because of nutritional problems an antidepressant will only partially cover up the problem and you body still won't function correctly. Please visit Natalie's website at To find out more about orthomolecular psychiatry visit, This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2007 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. This video maybe displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.

1930s Fashion – Fashion and Design during the Depression

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Fashion during the "Great Depression"

Poor countries can’t afford our lifestyle

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Rich countries are just waking up to climate change, poor countries are living it right now. Short film on climate change and poverty. Music by Jackson Jackson. Film by Doodaa

Kidney Donation: Impact on Lifestyle (Dramatic Health)

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In this Medical Minute (Health Video), Dr. Del Pizzo, a leading kidney transplant physicians at Cornell Urology, emphasizes that the impact on donors and recipient lifestyle is less than ever through laproscopic surger--one of the greatest medical advances in the past decade. Source: An Original Production/In association with the Dept. of Urology, Weill-Cornell New York Presbyterian Hospital. Credits: Executive Producer:Sean Moloney, Editor:Calvin C. CHOI

scandal trailer john hurt

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scandal trailer john hurt

thigh massage video

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learn how to massage the full body body legs and the tigh, massage has many techniques and we can show you hundreds of them to give a great leg massage therapy session. In this series we will be using oil massage techniques from Swedish but also many other schools of massage therapy including asian and lots more. The videos are presented by Carlo De Paoli who has more than 40 years experience in massage therapy and bodywork including Chinese medicine and osteopathy. His website is where you can learn hundreds of approaches to massage therapy and techniques to treat the full body.

Charlie bit my finger – again !

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Charlie bit my finger - again ! Subscribe here: Even had I thought of trying to get my boys to do this I probably couldn't have. Neither were coerced into any of this and neither were hurt (for very long anyway). This was just one of those moments when I had the video camera out because the boys were being fun and they provided something really very funny. T-Shirts iPhone!!!/id494858348?mt=8 Android FAQ Harry is 8 3/4, Charlie is 6 1/2, Jasper is 4 1/4, Rupert is 1 1/2 (November 2012) Harry and Charlie Blogging - Charlie Bit My Finger Again! Twitter

Top 10 sports most awkward interviews

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The top 10 of the most awkward interviews.

Первая встреча Раскольникова со следователем (часть 1)

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"Преступление и наказание". Первая встреча Раскольникова с Порфирием Петровичем. Все встречи (их в фильме три) мне нравятся остротой противостояния и тем, как это противостояние сыграли Смоктуновский и (в несколько меньшей степени) Тараторкин. Продолжение:

Numb (Official Video) – Linkin Park

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Linkin Park "Numb" off of the album METEORA. Directed by Joe Hahn. | iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play: YouTube Subscribe: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Web: Official Linkin Park Merch:

Lifestyle Car Club Pictures

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Lifestyle Car Club Pictures

Dr Meena Shah – Health Videos By High Blood Pressure Diet – Wellness & Health Care

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Dr Meena Shah- Life style coach & health counselor. occupational health & corporate wellness More information on More videos on http://

Advertising – What psychological tricks do they use?

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Dr. Robert Cialdini discusses sales principles - It`s all about changing your social reality. (Excerpt from a psychology documentary about "Social Reality" with Philip Zimbardo)

Grandad has a naughty video call!

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A funny advert for the new Amstrad Video Phone.

eSpring – Lifestyle

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eSpring water purifier - the world's best source of water, for a healthier lifestyle. Available only from Amway and Quixtar IBOs, it removes more than 140 contaminants and destroys bacteria, viruses, and cysts in your water.

Galinha Pintadinha – videoclip infantil animado

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CONHEÇA O DVD: FACEBOOK com desenhos e informações: ENGLISH VERSION: VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL: Galinha Pintadinha (Letra) Pó pó pó pó pó... A Galinha Pintadinha e o Galo Carijó a galinha usa saia e o galo paletó A galinha ficou doente e o galo nem ligou e os pintinhos foram correndo pra chamar o seu doutor o doutor era o peru a enfermeira era um urubu e a agulha da injeção era a pena do pavão Assista também Borboletinha e Pintinho Amarelinho © Bromelia Produções

Wii Sports Trailer

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Wii Sports Trailer

Amazing Restaurant Inspections

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TRUE health inspection violations from inspectors around the country. From mice in the marinade to lettuce fished out of the garbage.

Day 1 The Psychology of Success

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Tom Wood and Les Brown show you how to get your mind ready for massive success. This is the first of 30 daily programs on developing LIFE MASTERY from

Evolution of Dance

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Evolution of Dance

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