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Why don’t doctors recommend non-drug treatments?

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Ben Ewald | What if I told you half of all middle-ear effusions (persistent fluid), known as glue ear, could be fixed by the child blowing up a balloon with his or her nose? Would you be more likely to get your child ...

How to stop procrastinating and achieve your goals

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People, love starting a new topic and setting goals to achieve them. For a while, this is exciting and keeps you on a high but after a while, it sets in how difficult accomplishment is and that's when things slow down...

How should we be dieting?

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Duane Mellor and Cathy Knight-Agarwal | Diet guidelines always come under a lot of fire. They have been accused of not being based on evidence, not being environmentally sustainable and being out of touch with nutriti...

Lack of education doubles chance of heart attack

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Jocelyn Wright| Those who leave school early have double the risk of a heart attack, according to a new Australian study. The research, published in the International Journal for Equity in Health, found those with ...

Are You Giver or a Taker at work?

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After years of studying the dynamics of success and productivity in the workplace, Adam Grant discovered a powerful and often overlooked motivator. In every workplace, there are three basic kinds of people: givers, t...